Wednesday, January 2, 2013

When to use the Department of Revenue

When deciding on a child support amount, the parties must also determine whether or not they want to use the Department of Revenue (DOR) for collecting and distributing payments. While going through DOR may not work for everyone, I usually recommend it. DOR keeps track of every payment received, calculates interest, and can take necessary enforcement steps if the payor is not current on his/her payments. For example, DOR can have the payor's driver's license suspended, can intercept tax returns, can garnish wages, or can even have a passport revoked.

Having DOR involved also makes it easy to present to a judge a detailed report of every payment made, in the event that the parties return to court on a Complaint for Contempt or Modification. This is much easier than combing through bank statements and deposit slips to figure out the arrears amount. 

If you decide not to go through DOR initially, you can always request DOR's services at a later date, unless a court order specifically prevents you from doing so. As there are DOR offices in many courthouses throughout Massachusetts, it is fast and easy to obtain the necessary paperwork and submit it.

Go to the Department of Revenue-Child Support Enforcement website to learn more.

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